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... Calgary based integrated EPC company serving the oil sands and refining industries.

Project List

Current Projects

•    APACHE Canada ZAMA Gas Plant Expansion

  • MPD Ltd. currently providing Hot Oil Tracing engineering procurement and construction support on Apache Gas Plant Expansion ZAMA 4 as a subcontractor of Gemini Engineering.

•    BRION MacKay Central Processing Plant

  • Joint venture MPD / Tekarra, providing glycol tracing engineering services on CPP. Designed for 75 supply and 75 return manifolds with approximately 32000 m of tracing and ~1000 tracing circuits.

Completed Heat Tracing Projects

•    MEG Energy Christina Lake SAGD Project Phase 3A

  • MPD Ltd. Provided FEED engineering services on glycol tracing for Central Processing Plant capacity 45,000 BDP.
  • Estimated glycol tracing system will have 220 manifolds and 1400 tracing circuits.

•    MEG Energy Christina Lake SAGD Project Phase 2B

  • Provided engineering, procurement service and construction support for Central Processing Plant capacity 30,000 BDP.
  • Glycol tracing system contains 180 manifolds and 1100 tracing circuits.

•    CCRL Refinery Expansion Project Regina SK

  • MPD Ltd provided engineering and procurement of steam and electrical heat tracing facilities for the CCRL Refinery Expansion Project as a subcontractor of Thermon Canada Inc.
  • Fluid heat tracing consist of 330 supply and return manifolds and more than 300,000 ft of traced piping.

•    Petro-Canada Refinery Conversion Project Tracing Facilities

  • MPD Ltd provided through sister company BDP design and engineering of all steam tracing facilities for the Petro-Canada Refinery Conversion Project (Sour Crude/Vacuum Unit, Delayed Coker Unit, Utilities and Offsites and Revamp-Plants 1, 2, 4 and 63).
  • We have produced over 15,000 engineering documents and worked off close to 60,000 man hours in a little more than one year.
  • The work is completed on schedule and under budget.

•    Petro Canada EDD Project, Edmonton AB

  • Provided Steam Tracing design and Steam Tracing construction support on ISBL Plant 63 and construction support on OSBL. Produced more than 2000 documents ahead of schedule and within the budget.
  • Significantly improved the Steam Tracing construction phase by introducing two additional types of documents: Steam Tracing Circuit Log and Manifold Installation Drawing.
  • These documents have become the main reference documents for the construction crew.

•    Petro Canada SIG / SIG-MOD Project, Edmonton AB

  • Provided piping design and construction support on ISBL Plant 63 and OSBL Plant 13.
  • Successfully managed two teams of designers: one in Calgary office (six designers) and the other one in Petro Canada Refinery (four to eight designers depending on the work load).

•    Interquiza PTA Plastic Plant, Montreal, QB

  • Provided on-site design and construction support of manifold locations and interconnecting piping between steam/condensate headers and manifolds.
  • Produced more than 300 construction isometrics and provided an update to the Rebis Model using team of 19 designers.
  • Steam Tracing isometrics were produced in Calgary using a team of four designers.

About Us

MPD Miletic Petro Design Ltd. is a Calgary based integrated EPC company serving the oil sands and refining industries. Our expertise is in complete EPC solution for Heat Tracing (Steam, Electrical and Hot Oil).


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